If you were stranded on the side of a road in a disabled vehicle, which one would you choose?

About Knight Sight Banner

Safety first:

If you are in an accident or your car breaks down, safety is your first concern. Giving other driver’s advanced warning of your location is critical, especially at night. Knight Sight’s black and yellow striped design is the universally recognized signal for caution and makes it clearly visible even in bright daylight. It’s reflective fabric makes it easier for other motorists to see you on poorly lit roads and faster for help to locate you.

The Knight Sight banner is made of durable 210D polyester, that will hold up in the wide range weather conditions, helping to safeguard you at all times of the year, wherever you are. The lightweight fabric weighs less than .5 pound, making it easy to fold and store away under the seat or in your trunk. It attaches easily to the rear of cars, trucks, and SUVs, with four plastic hooks.

Knight Sight Saftety Banner attached to sedanKnight Sight Saftety Banner attached to SUVKnight Sight Saftety Banner attached to truck

That's how the Knight Sight Banner creator felt:

I had an accident last year. My car got hit during snowstorm and I was stranded on the side of the road for several hours while feet away from the oncoming traffic. I’ll tell you, folks, this was the most terrifying experience in my life.

After that accident I started paying attention to the reposts about accidents and in particular about accidents that involve cars parked on the side of highways and roads. The numbers of those who are injured and even killed in such situations run in thousands!!!!

About 6 months later I was driving on the highway when I noticed a utility vehicle on the side of the road and its back was decorated with clear pattern of black and yellow stripes. These vehicles are extremely visible. I wish my car had such stripes when I was stranded in the storm.

And there it was – the A-HA moment!!! I can have it! Anyone can have it! Everyone should have it!

The easy part – the part of getting an idea was over. It was time for real work to begin. I started working on the design and making the first prototype, came up with the name, filed patent and …. And the rest is history… the Knight Sight Safety Banner was born.

Pre-orders for the Knight Sight Safety Banner are being taken now! Don’t miss out on the first round. For less than $20 you can protect you and your car from roadside dangers.

Learn more about the Knight Sight Safety Banner and its inception. Pre-orders accepted now for $19.95. Call us at 201-777-1492.